Sourcing for Duffy Cafe in Papua New Guinea

by Gunnar Kristiansen
Custom print greaseproof paper

Are you opening a new cafe or restaurant? Do you need help sourcing packaging or hospitality products? Are you stressed out dealing with multiple suppliers? Does the thought of logistics scare you?

Than our sourcing service is the solution you need to help you save time and hassles.

Our Sourcing Service:

  • Eliminates the hassle of you having to work with multiple suppliers
  • We organise the import and logistics for you
  • We have already built relationships with suppliers/manufacturers/distributors/importers
  • Saves you time
  • Offers you convenience

Sourcing Scenario:
Over the course of half a decade we have had the pleasure of sourcing various packaging supplies and hospitality products for newly opened to established venues. Below is a snapshot of some of the products we were asked to source and supply for a cafe in Papua New Guinea (Yes we can even source and ship internationally).

Some products we sourced:

  • Custom Golden pastry cardboard: Round
  • Custom Golden pastry cardboard: Rectangle
  • Black board sticker 45cm x 200cm
  • White Trays Round
  • Rectangular Trays
  • Custom Neon Light board Now Baking
  • Custom Neon Light board Now Roasting
  • Black Serving tray
  • Baguette Basket rattan
  • Bread Baskets
  • Proofing baskets
  • Paper Straws
  • Custom Size and branded Grease proof paper
  • Paper Bags
  • Custom Print Wood Cutlery

Custom print wood cutlery (Great for branding)
Photo from Instagram @duffycafe

Counter display products, ie bread baskets
Photo from Instagram @duffycafe

Custom print sticker labels
Photo from Instagram @duffycafe

Custom print greaseproof paper
Photo from Instagram @duffycafe

If you would like to use our Sourcing service please fill out the form


Sourcing Request Form

Sourcing Guidelines
A "Detailed Brief" is vital if you expect your suppliers to give the right response to your requirements.

Preparation: As a sourcing company, we work on an enormous number of different projects. Some are fairly simple products but in the main, they tend to be bespoke items (made to order specifically for you) in quantities not given on standard price lists. We aim to obtain the best prices for our clients, often several manufactures or suppliers may need to be consulted on your behalf, in Australia and/or Asia, in order to offer you the best solution possible.

So, to help us give you an efficient response we ask you to think through the project and consider some of the points listed below. It is important that you are clear about your objectives at the outset. The clearer we are about your brief the better job we will do for you.

Client Considerations:
IS THE PROJECT HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL? We treat every enquiry as confidential. However, if the project is particularly sensitive, you must say so. It may not be necessary at the early stages to reveal the client/brand name.

Do you know what you want?

• Specific/existing product/s – off the shelf products?
• Special product/s made to order or bespoke?
• Or, brief The Sourcing Team to suggest suitable product ideas to match your specific requirements.

We need to as much information as possible. For example:-

• Quantity (or, range of quantities)
• Budget
• Base colour
• Anticipated delivery required
• Where the delivery will be to
• Whether split or one delivery
• Any special packaging requirements
• Whether a physical proof sample is required or simply a PDF proof via email
• Whether a finished sample will be required for photography, packing test etc. and when
• Whether a sample will need to be mocked up for an internal or client meeting
• Print specifications; number of colours (line or process print), printed in how many positions, or engraving, etc depending on the product in question. We can advise on the most suitable process for the product. Where possible supply a copy of the logo to be used.

For most products, we will have a number of sources of supply but we have to match your specific needs to the right source of supply. Providing us with as much information as possible helps us to do the best sourcing and project management job for you.

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