1/100: Artificial tree planting

Artificial trees installed

1 tonne of sand delivered


When our client first proposed their idea to us we had to go through a great deal of brainstorming to execute. It seems quite straight forward but there is alot of planning and thought behind the execution.

Brainstorming questions we asked ourselves were...
1) How will we get these artificial plants to stand upright?

2) How can we ensure the sand wont be mixed with the already existing soil in the planter box?

3. How will we transport 1 tonne of sand up a flight of stairs to mulch the area?

With these questions seeking answers we went on the hunt to source and test what worked and what didn't in our workshop. Finally we set out to execute the plan and thankfully it worked! The trees stood upright, 1 tonne of sand was safely delivered and the sand looks great!