Wooden Handmade Planter Box

Handmade Hardwood Planter Box 1500mm x360mm x630mm

10 days
In stock

Gorgeous hardwood planter box all made in our workshop. Wooden planters are a popular option for decorating gardens and window sills. They are not only functional, but also aesthetically enhancing, as the wood gives a rustic feeling and complements the natural setting.

Style Notes
1500mm length x 360mm width x 630mm height
Made from Hardwood, not stained
Handmade in Australia
Custom make to order
2-3 days production time

Care instructions
Please make sure you do not overload the planter box with soil. Add lightweight mulch, hay or Styrofoam to fill the box the add soil. This will aid drainage and make the box less heavy. Also make sure you line the bottom of the box with builders film.