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Upcycled Handmade Wooden Drink Carriers

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Originally we started off this project as a weekend DIY just for fun not knowing how well received they would be for the purpose of gifting and a practical solution to carrying drinks instead of paper carry boxes which are a little bit nerve racking. So we thought of ways to be resourceful and one day when we were walking through our streets we saw old wooden drawers from cupboards and a light bulb went off, we took the drawers and cut them into pieces and miraculously every cut made the perfect beer carry box! No waste just pure up cycling!

If you are looking for an Australian handmade and upcycled gift than this is perfect for you, your event or your friend! It is a thoughtful gift and one that will last the years! Get one for yourself and for your mate! They make fantastic drink stall props!

A big thank you to those who have ordered, due to the demand of this handmade product we were able to also give work to someone in need, so thank you for your contribution.

Style Notes

Perfect to hold your icy cold 6 pack of beers or other beverage
Complimentary built in bottle opener affixed to the box ~ Genius!
Made from recycled wood & other material
Made to order
*Note each box will be slightly different to what is pictured in the image due to up-cycling and which ever drawer is found to make the drink carrier, however we think this makes it even more fun and unique!

If you have any questions or specifications please let us know.