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We have had the pleasure of supplying to many emerging new restaurants and cafes in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast and even the U.S! Our cutlery is custom made to order so you can be assured of quality!

Check out our cutlery below happily featuring at : Rabbit Hole Cafe, Firefly Cafe, Paradox Coffee Roasters, CHATea Providores just to name a few!


❤ Enjoying chef's special brownies/Paradox Coffee Roasters/Gold Matte Cutlery

❤ Delighting in a cup of tea and some sweet treats/ CHATea Providores/ Copper Matte Cutlery

❤ Lovin our new copper spoons thanks Firefly Cafe/ Copper Matte Cutlery

❤ Marvelling at this delicious spread/ Rabbit Hole Tea/ Gold Matte Cutlery/ Photo by @natisafeby

❤ Mouth watering/ The Lakeside Mill/ Gold Gloss Cutlery

❤ Fried Eggs with lots of tomato chutney ~ Yum/ Spice Mama/ Copper Matte Cutlery

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Black Plated Cutlery

Black Plated Stainless Steel Cutlery

Gold Plated Cutlery

Gold Plated Cutlery

Rose Gold Plated Cutlery

Copper Plated Cutlery

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A Fresh New Look in Sustainable Servingware: Coconut Wood Spoon

Coconut wood has been around for centuries but only recently has it started to resurge in the hospitality industry. As we worked closely with brands such as Biomedicals we gained valuable insight into what people value and they certainly want to see more sustainable products like our coconut wood spoons!

Did you know there are benefits of using coconut wood products? Coconut wood has natural antibacterial properties and unlike other utensils they do not conduct heat nor scratch the surface when stirring.Check out our coconut wood products below!


Certified Organic Tasteless & Extra Virgin Coconut Oil with complimentary coconut spoon / Biomedicals / Coconut Spoon

Read more about how Biomedicals used our Sourcing Service to find unique and stylish packaging: Click Here

❤ Buffet Styling Presentation at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre/ Coconut Spoon featured!

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The Best kept secret in Food Styling: Branded Paper Straws

Custom print paper straws is a great way to brand your business, event or special occasion! Check out some of the fruity, funky and colourful designs our clients have created!

Maybe one day you might like to create a batch for your own company, brand, cafe, restaurant or bar?


Woodlea/ Property Developer/ Design En Point Events

Milla Cordial

❤ More Inspo

❤ Turtle print Paper StrawPhoto via

❤ Flamingo print Paper Straw, Pineapple print paper straw/ Photo via @outnumberedbygingers

❤ Pineapple Print Paper Straws/ Photo via @revelandco

❤ Cherry Print Paper Straws/ @candleandcakeuk

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Meet the newest dessert craze: Donut cones!

Donut Cones. Yes they really do exist! Watch out for this new craze to hit your dessert stomach! Okay for those who are new to this, a donut cone is essentially a sweet dough baked and dusted with sugar, cinnamon and nuts that is shaped as a cone to fill with fresh cream, sauce or ice cream filling, topped with all the trimmings that your heart desires!

It's a eastern European treat bound to knock your socks off! Originally the donut cone first took off in Prague at the Good Food Cafe & Bakery and as history shows us this dessert actually has it's roots close to the yummy Czechoslovakian dessert called Trdelník!

So do you want to hear the good news? I found some cafes that are now selling these donut cones here in Australia. Check it out below!


❤ Mouth watering cinnamon flavoured Donut Cone/ Photo by @laaaurabxx in Prague, Czech Republic

❤ Choc Cherry Swirl Donut Cone/ Photo @jjelle.belle/ Cafe Little Frankie's Zumbo Pattiserie in Melbourne, Australia

❤ Vanilla Cream/ Photo @savvyinlondon/ Cafe Good Food Karlova 8 in Prague, Czech Republic

❤ Strawberry Choc donut cone yummyness / Photo @kahlocuu

❤ Chocolate donut cone gooeyness/ Photo @nguyentraci/ Cafe Tella Balls Dessert Bar in Sydney, Australia

❤ More chocolate filled donut cones just to make you drool even more/ Photo by @ifat23


Branded Servingware

Working alongside our clients in the early stages of setting up their cafes we were amazed to see how much thought and design went into every detail of their concept stores. To help them set up we offered our Sourcing Service which allowed them to save time while we got busy sourcing products, custom designing and coordinating delivery.

Over the course of time we gained valuable insight into the food and event industry! But in order to bring these products to life it was our ongoing relationship with our suppliers and manufacturers which made it all happen!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the products we sourced, custom printed,designed and supplied!

Duffy Cafe/ Branded Greaseproof Paper

❤ Enjoying afternoon tea, scones and a cupcake/ Copper Rectangle Edge Tray designed by Creative Hearts Group/ Chatea Providores

❤ Gorgeous High Tea/ Copper High Tea Cake Stand designed by Creative Hearts Group/Chatea Providores/ Photo by @thefoodiesaurus

Paradox Roasters/ Gold Matte Cutlery stainless steel edge supplied by Creative Hearts Group

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Greaseproof Paper/ Custom Print

Copper Plated Rectangular Edged Tray

Copper Plated High Tea Cake Stand

Copper Plated Cutlery


Minimalist Food Packaging Idea: Acrylic Boxes

Yes, you heard right! Acrylic Boxes are now creatively used to package treats! I bet you're thinking 'Why haven't I thought of this before ?' It totally makes sense these boxes are multi purposeful, great for branding and can be used as a keepsake!

It is a neat way to display your food and it definitely leaves a good impression! We can custom make to your measurements and it is a great way to brand your business and your product. So far we are the only supplier in Australia who can create these custom made acrylic boxes.

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❤ Our custom made acrylic box made for @Madders Brothers Patisserie

❤ Cupcakes & Macarons Acrylic Box Food Display/ Photo by @thedaydreamings

❤ Perspex Letters/Photo by @Paper Playground

❤ Wild Flowers inside Acrylic Box/ Photo from Pinterest

❤ Custom Wedding Engraved Box/ @Plasticsmith

❤ Acrylic High Tea stand/ @kyhunger

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Fancy a Taiyaki Fish Squishy?

Well you thought it would stop at the donut cone, right? Wrong. Say hello to the newest cone head on the block, the fish cone or otherwise dubbed the 'Taiyaki Fish Squishy!' Just to confuse you further it also takes on another name called Pungopang, Pungo meaning Fish" and Pang meaning "Bread!" (in Korean, of course!) The fish cone is made from waffle batter in Korea instead of mochi (Favourable in Japan) and is paired with your choice of ice cream or yoghurt ice cream and toppings.. Ummm yum!

Currently I can't seem to find any dessert bars or cafes in Australia serving up this aquamarine delight of a dessert? So, whose keen to start up a new business? I'll be your first customer! Nevertheless, for now you shall just eat with your eyes..


Dubbed the "Taiyaki fish squishy"/ Photo by @ayejenni/ Dessert Bar Ice & Bites Cafe, Florida, USA

Amazing! Photo by @bpbanhbao / Dessert Bar Amory in Vietnam

Cutest trio! / Photo by Pungopang/ Dessert Bar Pungopang in Jarkarta

More yoghurt Ice cream in a fish cones/ Dessert Bar Aboong in Hong Kong

❤ Vanilla Classic/ Photo by @chennee_hew


Dining Details: Black Cutlery Trend

Create a stir at your restaurant, cafe, venue or dinner table with dining details that make a statement as simple as changing up your cutlery. A good choice in cutlery can lift a table setting instantly! Introducing to you our NEW Black Cutlery collection coming a variety of styles made from stainless steel and triple plated titanium to assure quality and also dishwasher safe you can guarantee one thing you will impress your guests!


❤ Time for a delicious meal? Mirror Polish Black Cutlery/ Photo by @imsohungree/ Restaurant The Lakeside Mill

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