Fancy a Taiyaki Fish Squishy?

Well you thought it would stop at the donut cone, right? Wrong. Say hello to the newest cone head on the block, the fish cone or otherwise dubbed the 'Taiyaki Fish Squishy!' Just to confuse you further it also takes on another name called Pungopang, Pungo meaning Fish" and Pang meaning "Bread!" (in Korean, of course!) The fish cone is made from waffle batter in Korea instead of mochi (Favourable in Japan) and is paired with your choice of ice cream or yoghurt ice cream and toppings.. Ummm yum!

Currently I can't seem to find any dessert bars or cafes in Australia serving up this aquamarine delight of a dessert? So, whose keen to start up a new business? I'll be your first customer! Nevertheless, for now you shall just eat with your eyes..


Dubbed the "Taiyaki fish squishy"/ Photo by @ayejenni/ Dessert Bar Ice & Bites Cafe, Florida, USA

Amazing! Photo by @bpbanhbao / Dessert Bar Amory in Vietnam

Cutest trio! / Photo by Pungopang/ Dessert Bar Pungopang in Jarkarta

More yoghurt Ice cream in a fish cones/ Dessert Bar Aboong in Hong Kong

❤ Vanilla Classic/ Photo by @chennee_hew