Meet the newest dessert craze: Donut cones!

Donut Cones. Yes they really do exist! Watch out for this new craze to hit your dessert stomach! Okay for those who are new to this, a donut cone is essentially a sweet dough baked and dusted with sugar, cinnamon and nuts that is shaped as a cone to fill with fresh cream, sauce or ice cream filling, topped with all the trimmings that your heart desires!

It's a eastern European treat bound to knock your socks off! Originally the donut cone first took off in Prague at the Good Food Cafe & Bakery and as history shows us this dessert actually has it's roots close to the yummy Czechoslovakian dessert called Trdelník!

So do you want to hear the good news? I found some cafes that are now selling these donut cones here in Australia. Check it out below!


❤ Mouth watering cinnamon flavoured Donut Cone/ Photo by @laaaurabxx in Prague, Czech Republic

❤ Choc Cherry Swirl Donut Cone/ Photo @jjelle.belle/ Cafe Little Frankie's Zumbo Pattiserie in Melbourne, Australia

❤ Vanilla Cream/ Photo @savvyinlondon/ Cafe Good Food Karlova 8 in Prague, Czech Republic

❤ Strawberry Choc donut cone yummyness / Photo @kahlocuu

❤ Chocolate donut cone gooeyness/ Photo @nguyentraci/ Cafe Tella Balls Dessert Bar in Sydney, Australia

❤ More chocolate filled donut cones just to make you drool even more/ Photo by @ifat23