Minimalist Food Packaging Idea: Acrylic Boxes

Yes, you heard right! Acrylic Boxes are now creatively used to package treats! I bet you're thinking 'Why haven't I thought of this before ?' It totally makes sense these boxes are multi purposeful, great for branding and can be used as a keepsake!

It is a neat way to display your food and it definitely leaves a good impression! We can custom make to your measurements and it is a great way to brand your business and your product. So far we are the only supplier in Australia who can create these custom made acrylic boxes.

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❤ Our custom made acrylic box made for @Madders Brothers Patisserie

❤ Cupcakes & Macarons Acrylic Box Food Display/ Photo by @thedaydreamings

❤ Perspex Letters/Photo by @Paper Playground

❤ Wild Flowers inside Acrylic Box/ Photo from Pinterest

❤ Custom Wedding Engraved Box/ @Plasticsmith

❤ Acrylic High Tea stand/ @kyhunger

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