Why You Need Cafe Planter Boxes for Your Cafe and Restaurant

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Style and Functionality! Here’s why our Cafe Planter Boxes are a must-have:

Key Features:

  1. Crafted from Durable Spotted Gum Timber:

    • Our planter boxes are made from beautiful and resilient Spotted Gum timber.
    • Spotted Gum’s natural hues and resistance to decay make it an excellent choice for a wind barrier that stands the test of time.
  2. Designed for Seasonal Flexibility:

    • Our 300mm deep shelf provides ample space for pots and plants.
    • Easily swap out plants during seasonal changes, keeping your display fresh and vibrant.
  3. Weight-Conscious Design:

    • If you’ve opted for the wheel option, our shelf minimizes overall weight.
    • Perfect for shopfronts where daily movement is necessary.
  4. Wind Blocker and Greenery:

    • At a height of 900mm, our Cafe Planter Boxes serve as an effective wind blocker, shielding your space from strong gusts.
    • Additionally, they double as greenery spaces for your cafe, ensuring a comfortable and secluded environment for your customers.


  • Decking Quality:

    • Our planter boxes feature quality Australian hardwood such as Spotted Gum, Ironbark, Blackbutt, and other native hardwoods.
    • All are suitable for the Australian weather, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Castor wheel Options:

    • We supply 75mm black castor wheels with a 400kg break capacity for long-term durability.
    • Our cafe barrier can also be supplied without wheels for stand-alone installation or to be bolted into the ground.
  • Multiple Sizes Available:

    • 1000mm: Ideal for L or U-shaped street dining setups.
    • 1200mm: A versatile size suitable for various outdoor configurations.
    • 1500mm: Perfect for larger areas, such as patios or commercial spaces.
  • Slim Design (400mm Width):

    • The standard 400mm width of our Cafe Planter Boxes creates a slim yet sturdy option.

Elevate your outdoor ambiance with our stylish and functional Cafe Planter Boxes. Contact us to transform your space! 🌿🌼

Feel free to explore our customization options and create a welcoming outdoor oasis for your patrons! 🍽️🌤️